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                   ATI system SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS

                                  FOR OPTIMIZATION OF WORKING PROCESSES

                                    NEOSTYLE 2015

NEOSTYL 2015 presents you an innovative product very suitable for WELLNESS INDUSTRY – HOTELS, SPA centers, sports halls, professional laundry facilities and more.

 Software developed on RFID technology helps more and more companies worldwide automate and optimize their processes. The advantage of the technology is that it is easy to implement, gives quick results and therefore guarantees return on investment in very short time.

Using RFID improves security in the site and helps make the inventory incomparably faster and easier. Technologically avoids the waste of time in the manual processing of textile articles.

• Hardware equipment according to the architectural features of the premises used / number and size of available inputs and outputs, desktop and mobile /

• Software that does not require high parameters of the available hardware• Various parameter tags suitable for a variety of items

• Easy and intuitive user-programmable, as well as user-friendly• Software solutions for different business areas


Chips for textiles

Mobile reader


The service is building, installing and deploying a system that will allow you to monitor and control the availability and movement of your goods or inventory at any time, generate inventory and quantity reports, inventory and protect your products from theft . 

Electronic tags – tags – applied by embedded in hotel linens and towels, SPA bathrobes – automatically interact with the entire RFID system. This allows more efficient management of each procedure, from inventory to warehouse management, cost and loss reduction, and optimization of control operations without compromising the quality of services offered to customers. A particularly great application is in the acceptance of the textile inventory, which saves valuable time and financial losses.

Enhance RFID security without changing the quality of the service you offer. Optimize your business management, save time and work with RFID.

* Sample Offer * Base Price From Includes 1500 EUR without VAT

• Complex price for software + standard hardware equipment / 2 pcs. chip readers, installation, software installation, and introductory training

• Installation up to 3 meters

• The offer is an example of an access point

• Specific offer – after site inspection and specification of all details € 1.80 excluding VAT Price per chip chip + label for embedding in textiles    

* If you are interested, we provide an individual pricing offer *

For more information on the organization and capabilities of the program, please request a further meeting.


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